Is Beekeeping Profitable?

Is Beekeeping Profitable?

For many people who are looking to get started in beekeeping for the very first time, one of the things they ask is is beekeeping profitable? Sure, it might start out as a hobby or something you do for the environmental benefits, but if you can make a little extra money on the side from … Read more

Why Are Beekeepers Suits White?

Why Are Beekeepers Suits White?

Beekeeping is well-known for the rather extravagant protective suits that must be worn. But exactly why are beekeepers suits white? While they are essential for the job they perform, there’s no denying that beekeeper suits look a little bit silly. Offering full-body coverage, these suits can look like something out of sci-fi, rather than something … Read more

Can You Keep Bees On An Allotment?

Can you keep bees on an allotment?

One thing that many people ask when they’re first considering beekeeping is ‘can you keep bees on an allotment?’. It’s a big question and this guide will help you with understanding the answers. Bees are vital pollinators and therefore vital to entire ecosystems. And with the impact of man-made environmental destruction now taking effect, it’s … Read more

Is Beekeeping Cruel? The Pros & Cons Explored

Is Beekeeping Cruel?

While the plight of the nations bees is well known, many people are asking the obvious question “is beekeeping cruel?”. It’s a fair (and very important!) question to ask. We should always question everything we do when it comes to our interactions with wild animals. We’re going to set out the arguments both for and … Read more

Do Beekeepers Get Stung? The (Not So) Painful Truth!

Do Beekeepers Get Stung?

Do beekeepers get stung? There are few questions more commonly asked of beekeepers! It can be hard to imagine that bees are able to get through the tough suits that beekeepers wear, but many people still find themselves curious about this aspect of this work. Of course, beekeepers do get stung. No matter how airtight … Read more

How To Safely Remove A Beehive: A Step-By-Step Guide

How To safely Remove a Beehive

Knowing how to safely remove a beehive is an essential first step before going anywhere near a problematic hive. If you’re currently dealing with the removal of a swarm and/or a hive, then safety and efficiency are paramount. Here, we’ll talk briefly about the safe removal as well as a few other points that may … Read more

How To Start Beekeeping In The UK: A Beginners Guide

How To Start Beekeeping In The UK

Understanding how to start beekeeping in the UK is essential if you’re ever going to make that step from curiosity to actual beekeeper! In this post we’ll cover some important first steps you’ll need to take as a beginner. Pollinating flowers, producing honey, and being a vital part of the animal food chain, bees are … Read more

Beekeeping For Beginners: A Newbies Guide

Beekeeping For Beginners

If you want to broaden your outdoor activity horizons, beekeeping is the way to go. When you start beekeeping for beginners, you won’t only enjoy the advantages of fresh backyard-to-table honey, but you can also enjoy the pleasure of managing your own colony. Plus, the buzzy creatures have the capacity to pollinate your plants, which … Read more